When Summer Gives You Squash…

….make squash bread!

After baking this Summer Squash Quick Bread from the Field Notes from Fatherhood blog, we’re left wondering why zucchini gets all the bread lovin’.  Summer squash is a delicious and healthy twist on quick bread.

When we took a long-weekend trip to visit family in New Hampshire & Maine last weekend, we knew we would come back to some mammoth squash. We came back to some mammoth weeds too.

With big ‘ole squash like this, baking is the answer.


We tried a couple of twists on the recipe, like using an extra half cup of squash (we’d like to try it with even more next time).   We didn’t have all of the cinnamon that it called for, so we used only one teaspoon cinnamon but added a 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg.


Whether you stick to the recipe or try your own twist, this a tasty way to use up your squash, and a great treat to wake up to on a summer morning.


This week at our CSA porch pick up, we’ll have squash bread for our members to try, and we’ll be serving up this refreshing Basil Vodka Gimlet.

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